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DC Comics Classics Library: The Flash of Two

DC Comics Classics Library: The Flash of Two Worlds by Gardner Fox

DC Comics Classics Library: The Flash of Two Worlds

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DC Comics Classics Library: The Flash of Two Worlds Gardner Fox ebook
Page: 160
Publisher: DC Comics
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9781401222987

As great as this story is, it reveals a major flaw of the "Greatest Stories" series -- full covers are not reprinted, and the "Flash of Two Worlds" cover is one of the most quintessential Flash images (although the panel of two Flashes (Flash #179, May 1968): To my memory, The Flash was one of the only DC heroes to know he existed in a comic book (over at Marvel, Dr. The Flash of Two Worlds had a $40 list price for 160 pages, and Ferro Lad was $40 for 128. Artist: Curt Swan Collects: Superman #232-238, 240-242 (1971) Published: DC, 2009; $39.99. Longtime Superman editor Mort Weisinger had retired and been replaced by . Anyone know what new titles DC are planning to release in Absolute or Omnibus format? I think those are the best collections DC has put out the Classic Library stuff was pretty over-priced. I want to see more DC Comics Classics Library volumes. They seems to be slow with this. Anyway, it'll have to suffice until DC get around to producing the definitive collection of these classics. Doom once met Stan Lee and Jack Kirby), and this story is clearly in the volume as a testament to that. The year was 1971, and things at DC Comics were changing. I know Roots of the Swamp Thing doesn't, since I have that one, and from what I've read, Flash of Two Worlds doesn't either. Of note, it appears that DC intends to continue with this “Classics Library” series with such collections as “Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore”, “The Flash of Two Worlds” and “The Life and Death of Ferro Lad”. Flash by Geoff Johns Vol 1 - 5/18. Jack Kirby Omnibus Vol 1 (featuring Green Arrow) - 7/20 .

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